West Valley College ESL Department

Welcome to the West Valley College ESL Program

West Valley College offers all levels of ESL courses, from beginning level (960) to advanced (65). Our six-level program begins with a basic 4-skills course (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). For the other five levels, there are three courses at each level: grammar/ writing (GW), listening/ speaking (LS), and reading/ vocabulary (RV).

Step 1 - Apply to the college

Fill out a free application to the college. Instructions and application can be found here.

Step 2 - Take a placement test

Decide if you should take the ESL placement test:
If your main (native) language is not English, then you should take the ESL placement test
If your education in elementary school and high school was all in English, then you should take the English (not ESL) placement test.

Step 3 - Check the placement test results

Check your placement test results online at the WVC portal (you will need your student ID and password) or at the Assessment Office in the Counseling Building by calling 408-741-2035.
Your placement will be a number like 960 (basic), 961 (beginning), 962 (low intermediate), 963 (intermediate), 964 (high intermediate), or 65 (advanced) level. You should choose the classes with the same number as your placement ESL courses.

Step 4 - Check the class schedule for ESL classes at your level.

Choose classes that fit your schedule

Step 5 - Register for classes, pay for classes, fees and a parking permit.

Register for classes on the WVC portal. You will need your student ID number and password and a credit card.

Step 6 - Sign up for an orientation (class, workshop, or online)

Find more information about orientations.

Step 7 - Prepare to go to classes.

Find out which books you will need at the college bookstore.
Need help deciding which classes to take? Get an appointment to talk to a counselor (408) 741-2009.
If you have any questions about the ESL program, contact the ESL Department Chair Ann Marie Wasserbauer (408) 741-2486 in Office LA 4D.

Step 8 - Go to classes.

Find out where your classes are. Buy your books. Go to the first day of classes (Fall 2017 semester starts on Monday, August 28th). Go to school early (parking is very full on the first days of school.)


last published: 4/1/18