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Welcome teachers, graduate students, and publishers!

ESL Class Observations


The faculty of the ESL Department would like to invite you to visit our program! Just choose the class(es) you would like to observe using the course schedule. Then contact the instructor(s) that you would like to observe (give them at least a week's notice).

If possible, let us know how your observation went by giving a copy of your notes or report to the instructor. Useful feedback makes our teaching better!

For directions and a map of the campus. You'll need 8 quarters for parking.

ESL Course Textbook List

If you are interested in the textbooks that the West Valley ESL Department recommends for its courses, click on a level below. Teachers in our program are encouraged to choose from this list but may suggest other titles for consideration. Check course descriptions for more details about course goals and content.

{If you are an ESL student reading this page, do not assume that your teacher will assign one or any of the books on this list for your class. Call the West Valley Bookstore, 741-2015, to find out which books to buy for your particular class.}

Professional Organizations

If you want to keep current in the field, consider becoming a member of one or both of these organizations:

Relevant Websites

West Valley College does not offer graduate-level TESOL courses. If you're interested in getting a certificate or MA in TESOL, here are four institutions in the Bay Area that you could consider.


Employment Opportunities for ESL Professionals

Associate Faculty Pool

The West Valley-Mission Community College District maintains a joint associate faculty pool.

For general questions, call HR at (408) 741-2155 
or visit the website for an application: http://wvm.edu/hr/.

For ESL-specific questions, contact Ann Marie Wasserbauer at (408) 741-2486.


last published: 4/1/18