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Resources for ESL Students

At West Valley College


Grammar, Writing, and Vocabulary on the Web

Listening on the Web

  • Randall's Cyberlistening Lab a great place to practice listening at various skill levels
  • Elllo.org Lots of listening activities with a transcript and interactive vocabulary and comprehension quizzes
  • Breaking News English Current world news based on date or theme
  • Listen and Write  23 levels of dictation difficulty.  A fun way to practice listening and spelling from news, popular songs, & more!
  • English Central  speaking and vocabulary practice from commercials, movies, lectures, and news
  • English Club - dictations and listen to the news with vocabulary and comprehension questions
  • Voice of America worldwide news for English learners

Multi-skill Websites

  • Computer skills - great presentations on Microsoft Office, internet, email, and computer basics from the Everyday Life Project. Practical interactive presentations on food, money, jobs, and more. 
  • Many Things - word games, puzzles, spelling, stories, scrambled sentences, and fun stuff for ESL students
  • BBC Learning English - word games, grammar, pronunciation, videos, and a fun soap opera series, The Flatmates.
  • Rong Chang's ESL page  - short stories, sentence structure writing practice, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more!


Sources for Authentic Listening on the Web

 For more information on how to best use these websites, see Ellen in the World Language Center, LA 42


last published: 4/1/18