West Valley College ESL Department

Labs to Help You Learn

ESL Skills Lab

The ESL Skills Lab is located in the West Valley College Library. The ESL Skills Lab helps ESL students with grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, spelling, and writing. You can get the extra practice. An ESL instructor is present to answer your questions. The Skills lab also hosts workshops on various grammar points and conversation groups where you can practice your spoken English. Call Isabel Filiz, Coordinator at (408) 741-2053 for more information.

World Languages Center

The World Languages Center (WLC) is located in the Language Arts Building, LA 42. The WLC provides software programs in many languages including English with 37 computers with microphones available. You can practice speaking and listening, pronunciation, or access language websites for multi-skill practice, Monday through Friday. The World Language Center also hosts workshops on Microsoft Word, Canvas, and email for ESL students. Call Ellen Goldman, Coordinator at (408) 741-4042 for more information.


Come to the World Language Center or ESL Skills Lab with your ID card. No enrollment is necessary!

last published: 4/1/18