Division Chair Council

Division Chair Council


To review and recommend procedures for all divisions, as well as facilitate operational decisions in cooperation with the Academic Senate and the College Council.


Varies by division.


  • Diane Hurd - AAS, Division Chair 
  • Jim Henderson, Business Division Chair
  • Chris Cryer, Fine Arts Division Chair
  • Leigh Burrill, Language Arts Division Chair
  • Steve McCann, Physical Education Division Chair
  • Rebecca Wong, Science and Math Division Chair
  • Carol Pavan, Student Services Division Chair
  • Janis Kea and Nicola Gutierrez, Social Sciences Division Chair
  • Kuni Hay, Vice President, Instruction
  • Victoria Hindes, Vice President, Student Services
  • Pat Fenton, Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Brad Weisberg, Interim Dean, Career Education and Workforce Development
  • Stephanie Kashima, Dean, Instruction and Student Success
  • Eric Pape, President, Academic Senate
  • Grace Silva, Associate Students Representative
  • Brenda Rogers, Classified Senate Representative

Meeting Location:

Campus Center 
(Club Room)


Day: Wednesday
Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

last published: 3/21/18