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 ** President / Chair  |  * Vice-President / Co-Chair  |  o Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member


** Ginny Aragon - Dean of Student Services
Stan Benkoski - Math
Leticia Hernandez - Counseling
Tu-Lan Trinh - A&R
Charge: To review students' academic appeals and petitions.
Terms: Two years

ACADEMIC SENATE (1st & 3rd Tues / 2:05-4:05 pm / Board Room)

Steve Blasberg - Math (2010-12)
Wendy Bowers-Gachesa - PE (2006-12)
Chris Clancy - Architecture / AF (2009-11)
Meg Farrell - Language Arts (2008-12)
Nancy Ghodrat - Business (2007-11)
Cheryl Hackworth - Science (2007-11)
John Hannigan - Comm / Sen.At.Large (2009-11)
Tim Kelly - Social Science (2007-11)
Julie Maia - English (2010-12)
Peggy Mathieson - AAS (2006-12)
* Carol Pavan - Student Services (2007-11)
Janell Payne - Associate Faculty (2010-12)
Cynthia Reiss - Fine Arts (2008-12)
Kimya Rahnema - Student Rep (2010-11)
David Ryan - ESL (2010-12)
Melissa Salcido - Student Services (2009-11)
Rachel Sandoval - Library / LATC (2007-11)
** Lance Shoemaker - Business (2009-11)
Erik St. Charles - Student Rep (2010-11)
Charge: To make recommendations to the administration of West Valley College and to the Board of Trustees, with respect to academic and professional matters. As outlined in Title 5, the Senate's responsibilities include curriculum, degree and certificate requirements, grading policies, instructional program development, standards regarding student success, professional development, accreditation process, program review, institutional planning and budget development.
Terms: Two years


Sally Aitken - Professional Development Committee Chair
Melissa Ceresa - Classified rep
David Duncan - Classified Senate VP
Michelle Francis - Faculty rep
Jennifer French - Classified rep
** Frank Kobayashi - Administrative rep
Susie Tong - Student Services rep
Berni Walker - Student Services rep
Vacant - Committee Chair (TBD)
Charge: to plan and execute an inclusive celebration of community that is holistic in its approach and inclusive of the entire WVC community, once per semester on the academic calendar FLEX day. The charge further includes promoting a climate of collective engagement by proactively encouraging campus-wide involvement in these two general sessions.
Terms: 2 years


Katherine Baily / Bobbie Coyle- Coffee Cart
* Michelle Donohue - Director of Student Activities
o Steve Higginbotham - Bookstore Manager
Katherine Moore-Wines - WVC Academic Senate Rep.
Anwar Mustafa - Cafeteria Manager
Barbara Ogilvie - One Classified Rep appointed by Classified Senate
** Michael Renzi - VP of Administrative Services
Vacant - Student rep
Charge: To make recommendations to WVC and district administration relative to commercial bookstore and cafeteria contract and operations, and serve as an advisory board to encourage constructive dialogue with bookstore operator and cafeteria manager regarding operations and services. Recommendations forwarded from this committee shall be made to the VP of Administrative Services for review / action. Where appropriate, recommendations will be referred to the District's Administrative Services Council for consideration.
Terms: One year

BASIC SKILLS ADVISORY COMMITTEE   (Monthly / 1st Friday / 9-11am)

Ginny Aragon - A&R / Liaison w / Management Team
Angelica Bangle - Director of Matriculation
Inge Bond - Institutional Research
Whitney Clay - Reading
Gretchen Ehlers - BSAC Steering Group / Math
Dave Fishbaugh - VP, Instruction
Michelle Francis - Staff Development
Victoria Hindes - VP, Student Services / Liaison w / TRIO Program
Vicky Kalavitas - English
Marta Mora-Evans / Katherine Moore-Wines / Tiina Kellers - Career Programs
LeAnn McGinley - Assessment Coordinator
Cheryl Miller - BSAC Steering Group / DESP
Celine Pinet - Office of Instruction / Library / Liaison w / Management Team
** Len Schreibstein - Chair
Irene Serna - EOPS
Ann Marie Wasserbauer ESL
Rebecca Wong - Math
Patti Yukawa - Counseling
Charge: To implement recommendations of the Basic Skills Task Force and to make recommendations about basic skills as needed.
Terms: Indefinite (until replacement by another department or program member)


Wendy Bowers-Gachesa - Nutrition Studies
* Jim Callner - HFA
Pauline Clark - Counseling
Freba Cognetta - Educational Transition
Michael Cubie - Counseling
Helen Khalouyan - Educational Transition
Patricia Louderback - Health Education
* George Mageles - Student Health Services
Becky Perelli - Student Health Services
Michelle Reed - Psychology
Patricia Yukawa - Counseling
Charge: To provide oversight of the"Drug-Free Campus Policy" (Board Policies Sec. 5.18) as defined in the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989 (Public Law 101-226). CAP promotes alcohol, drug and HIV / AIDS education and support in cooperation with Student Health Services, Healthcare Technologies and Physical Education programs. CAP provides confidential support and assistance for addiction and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or any emotional distress. Conducts in-service training for faculty and staff.
Terms: Indefinite


David Duncan - College Webmaster
Max Gault - Printing Services
Carl Jones - Graphic Design, Instructional Development, Marketing Comm.
Joe McDevitt - Outreach, Marketing Committee / Admissions & Records
Margery Moran - Graphic Designer / Marketing / IT / Printing Services
Celine Pinet - Dean of Instruction
Carol Rhoads - SOC / SM
Betsy Sandford - Faculty
** Thuy Tran - Admin Asst - Office of Instruction
Charge: To advise the Dean of Instruction regarding the policies and procedures by which the schedule and catalog are developed. Also makes recommendations about the format, content, accuracy, and distribution of these two publications.
Terms: Indefinite

CLASSIFIED STAFF SENATE (Meet 1st Tuesday / Month / 12:30-2:30pm / Fox Center Room 211)

*David Duncan - Vice President (2009-11)
**Laurel Kinley - President (2009-11)
Lisa McNiven - Secretary (2009-11)
Brenda Rogers - Treasurer (2009-11)
Cathy Aimonetti - AAS / Campbell Cntr. (2010-11)
Inge Bond - Counseling (2010-11)
Melissa Ceresa - Community Ed / M&S (2010-11)
Sandy Dinh - IS (2010-11)
Tanya Hanton - LA / SS (2010-11)
Kurt Hibner - District Rep, Facilities(2010-11)
Carl Jones - Library / TV / Tutorial (2010-11)
Hugh Leonard - Student Rep (2010-11)
Maria Lopez - Financial Aid / A&R (2010-11)
George Mageles - Health Services / EOPS(2010-11)
Monet Payton - Business (2010-11)
Geri Peterson - FA / Admin Services (2010-11)
Bernadette Walker - DESP / ET (2010-11)
Vacant - Union rep
Charge: To participate in the district and WVC shared decision making process by collecting, evaluating and disseminating information for the classified staff, and representing the aggregate interests of the classified staff before or on any district or college committee or task force; to promote and encourage activities which provide an opportunity for enhancing the involvement and staff development of the classified staff.
Terms: At-Large Reps: One year / Officers: Two years

COLLEGE COUNCIL (2nd & 4th Th / 12:30-2:pm / Club Room)

Inge Bond - Research Analyst (on-going)
o Heidi Diamond - Faculty Accreditation Liaison (2009-10)
Jean Finch - Student Services Council (2009-10)
Dave Fishbaugh - Administration (Sept.-Dec. 2010)
** Lori Gaskin - President (on-going)
Jim Henderson - DCC Rep (Sept.-Dec. 2010)
o Victoria Hindes - VP of Student Services (on-going)
Laurel Kinley - Classified Senate President (2009-10)
Hugh Leonard - ASO Rep (2010-11)
Celine Pinet - Administration (interim) (Jan.-July 2011)
Michael Renzi - VP Administrative Services (on-going)
o Brenda Rogers - Secretary to College Council (on-going)
Lance Shoemaker - WVCAS President (2009-10)
Rebecca Wong - DCC Rep (Jan.-July 2011)
Vacant - Diversity & Inclusion Rep.
Charge: To facilitate communication and appropriate involvement of all members of the college community through assigning issues to Executive Councils as appropriate; report on the status of issues before the councils; create committees or task forces as needed; serve as a steering committee for college-wide projects; plan resource allocation; track the work effort of the councils; report on the status of issues before the councils; and coordinate maintenance of the governance information system. The Chair votes to break a tie vote only.
Terms: One year


Angelica Bangle - Counseling
Paulette Boudreaux - just Fall 2010
** Victoria Hindes - VP of Student Services
Becky Perelli - Student Health Services
Charge: to hear recommendations for disciplinary suspension and be the main avenue for student due process.
Term: 2 years


(This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.)
Lupe Burciaga - Police
** Max Crumley - Language Arts
Jay Day - Facilities
Michelle Donohue - Director of Student Activities
Kurt Hibner - Facilities
Steve Higgibothom - Bookstore
Victoria Hindes - Student Services, VP
Carl Jones - Graphics / Pictures
Helen Khalouyan - Counseling
Laurel Kinley - Classified Senate President
Tu Lan - Admissions & Records
Yalem Lakew - SAO
Scott Ludwig - Video
George Mageles - Student Health Services
Albert Moore - Chancellor's Office
Sylvia Ortega - English
Suzanne Overstreet - ESL
Becky Perelli - Health Services
Brenda Rogers - Exec. Ass't. to President
Mike Scaletta - DESP
Bill Taylor - Facilities
Charge: To organize, coordinate, and implement graduation exercises each year.

CURRICULUM COMMITTEE (1st & 3rd Wed / Month / 2:30pm, TCA)

(This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.)
Paulette Boudreaux - English / Language Arts
o Nathaniel Carter - ASO Rep.
o Ann Crosby-Lundin - DESP
Doug Epperson - Science / Math
o Dave Fishbaugh - VP of Instruction
Tony Jones - Business
Patricia Louderback - PE
LeAnn McGinley - Assessment / SLOs; Articulation Officer
Cheryl Miller - Student Services
Leslie Hotta - AAS
Betsy Sandford - Library
Brian Tramontana - Social Science
o Thuy Tran - Administrative Specialist
o Tu-Lan Trinh - Admissions & Records Supervisor
* Brad Weisberg - Fine Arts
Charge: To review and recommend approval to the Board new / revised curriculum, degree and certificate programs that meet Title 5 requirements and Accreditation standards.
Terms: Two years.

DISTANCE LEARNING COMMITTEE   (Bi-monthly / 3:30-5pm / Fox Conference Room)

(This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate)
Kathy Arnold - Art & Art History
Fred Chow - Dean, Information Technology & Services
Ann Crosby-Lundin - DESP
Heidi Davis - Physical Education
Pat Fenton - CIS
Max Gault - Instructional Technology
** Dulce M. Gray - Language Arts
Lisa Kaaz - Instructional Technology
Janis Kea - Economics
Cheryl Miller - DESP
Maryanne Mills - Library
Charge: To serve as a resource for and advisors to the Academic Senate, faculty, staff and administrators in matters of policy, practice and pedagogy regarding distance learning and technology-enhanced instruction; assist faculty in learning about and integrating technology and distance learning into the curriculum; plan and implement innovative and creative opportunities that help to grow distance learning.
Terms: Two Years

DIVISION CHAIR COUNCIL (2nd & 4th Mon / 2:30-4:30pm / Club Room)

Fred Chow - Dean, Tech & Information Services
Chris Cryer - Fine Arts, Division Chair (Fall 2010)
** Dave Fishbaugh - VP of Instruction (Fall 2010)
Randy Fujishin - Language Arts, Division Chair
Jim Henderson - Business, Division Chair
Victoria Hindes - VP / Student Services
Diane Hurd - AAS, Division Chair
Steve Juarez - Social Science, Division Chair (Spring 2011)
Janis Kea - Social Science, Division Chair (Fall 2010)
Carol Pavan - Student Services, Division Chair
Geri Peterson - Classified Senate Rep.
Celine Pinet - Dean of Instruction
Fred Prochaska - Dean, Career Ed / Workforce & Dev.
Lance Shoemaker - WVC Academic Senate President
Rebecca Wong - Science & Math, Division Chair
Joan Worley - PE, Division Chair
Vacant - ASO Representative
Charge: To review and recommend procedures for all divisions, as well as facilitate operational decisions in cooperation with the Academic Senate and the College Council.
Terms: Elections held every three (3) years.

FACILITIES & SAFETY ADVISORY COUNCIL   (1st & 3rd Th. / 2:30-4pm / Club Room)

Teresa Amos - Information Systems
Heidi Brueckner - Fine Arts Gerald Carter - Theater
Sandy Dinh - Administrative Services Resource Brigit Espinosa - Facilities Michelle Geary - Science & Math Fred George - Business
Joe Hasty - Social Science Kurt Hibner - Custodial James Kerbey - Police
Yanghee Kim - Library
George Mageles - Student Services Portables
Julie Meneses - A&R
Becky Perelli - Health Services ** Michael J. Renzi - VP of Administrative Services Chris Rolen - Police David Ryan - Language Arts
John Vlahos - PE Cindy Watkins - Administrative Services Vacant - Child Development Vacant - Counseling Vacant - Division Chair
Vacant - ASB
Vacant - Maintenance and Grounds
Vacant - Tech. Center
Vacant - DESP and Portab
Vacant - HR
Charge: To review and recommend to the College Council, policies and procedures related to college- wide issues such as facilities and budget. To facilitate decisions regarding facility modifications and other key concerns associated with campus buildings.


(This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.)
** Sally Aitken - AAS (2008-2010)
Fred Chow - Administrator / Consultant
Heidi Diamond - Business (2010-2013)
Marta Mora Evans - Career Programs (2009-2012)
Michelle Francis - Language Arts (2009-2012)
Stacy Hopkins - AAS / Career Programs (2005-2008)
Christy Peters - Biology (2008-2011)
Ross Smith - Counseling / DESP (2008-2011)
Vacant - Fine Art
Vacant - Social Science
Charge: To provide time and opportunities for faculty, staff, and administration to participate in growth and development activities related to staff, student, and instructional improvement, hence, supporting WVC's mission of facilitating successful learning, providing students opportunit ies to participate in a wide spectrum of educational experiences and encouraging them to be lifelong learners.
Terms: Three years

FINANCIAL AID APPEALS COMMITTEE (Meets Th. / 10am-12pm / Counseling Room 7)

Marta Franklin - Financial Aid Advisor
Helen Khaloyuan - ET Counselor
** Rhonda Kirkland - Financial Aid Advisor
Carol Pavan - Counselor
Irene Serna - EOPS Director
Charge: To evaluate Student Financial Aid Appeals and determine whether the appeals should be approved or denied.
Terms: Continuous until member resigns.


Gail Barta - English (ESL)
Terri Eppley - Int' l. Student Program Specialist
** Sara W. Patterson - Counselor / Principal Designated School Official
Wanda Wong - Counselor / Designated School Official
Charge: To select qualified international students who wish to attend West Valley College to further their education.
Terms: Indefinite. Representatives must meet with committee twice a year to meet committee member status.

MATRICULATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE   (2X / Semester / Tu @ 2-3:30pm / TBA)

This committee is currently under construction.
** Angelica Bangle - Director of Matriculation
Inge Bond - Research Analyst
Maritza Cantarero - Financial Aid
Brad Chin - Science / Math Division
Jean Finch - DESP
Ann Malmuth-Onn - Honors Program / PE
LeAnn McGinley - Articulation Officer
Marta Mora-Evans - Career Programs
Carolyn Nash - Counseling / SUCCESS
Carol Pavan - Retention
Becky Perelli - Health Services
Melissa Salcido - Puente
Susan Schulter - Language Arts
Irene Serna - EOPS
Ann Marie Wasserbauer - ESL
Vacant - Social Science
Vacant - ASO Rep.
Vacant - ET
Vacant - Tutorial
Vacant - Basic Skills
Vacant - AAS
Vacant - Business
Vacant - Fine Arts
Vacant - Admissions
Charge: To advise the Academic Senate in matters of policy and procedure related to matriculation process as required by Title 5; to make recommendations in areas of admissions, orientation, assessment, advisement and follow-up, and research; to assist in the development of the annual matriculation budget.
Terms: Indefinite


This committee is currently under construction.
Ginny Aragon - Dean, Student Support Services
** Angelica Bangle - Interim Director of Matriculation & Counseling
Tom Golbetz - Counseling
Carol Pavan - Retention
LeAnn McGinley - Assessment
Inge Bond - College Researcher - as needed


(This is a standing committee of the West Valley College Academic Senate)
Caleb Arellano - ASO (Student Rep)
Michael Cubie - Counselor
Aaron Dalton - MSW Intern (SJSU)
Michelle Donohue - Director / Student Activities & Campus Center
Jean Finch - Counselor / DESP
** Barry Goldman-Hall - Mental Health Consultant
Alicia Hernandez - MSW Intern (SJSU) & EOPS Rep.
o Victoria Hindes - VP of Student Services
Elise Johnson - Director / ET Program
Helen Khalouyan - Reentry Counselor / ET Program
Cindy Legary - MFT Trainee (USF)
Geneva Leighton - Reentry Counselor / ET Program
George Mageles - Community Resource Coordinator / Student Health Services
Katherine Mullins - MD, Psychiatric Consultant to Student Health Services
Carol Pavan - Counselor
Becky Perelli - Director / Student Health Services
Chris Rolen - Chief of Campus Police
Barbara Saxon - MSW Intern (SJSU) & NAMI Community Rep.
Karen Wallace - Faculty (retired), Campus Chaplain
Charge: Enhance campus community awareness of, de-stigmatize, and respond to the mental health needs of West Valley College students in support of access, retention, and success.

ONLINE STUDENT SERVICES COMMITTEE   (Last Wed. month / 2:30-3:30pm)

(This is a standing committee of the West Valley College Academic Senate)
This committee is currently under construction.
Elizabeth Ochoa - Financial Aid 2 years
Fred Chow - Dean, IT Position
David Duncan - Webmaster Position
** Angelica Bangle - Director of Matriculation Position
Victoria Hindes - VP, Student Services Position
LeAnn McGinley - Assessment Coordinator 2 years
Becky Perelli - Health Services 2 years
Henry Sawyer - District Information Systems 2 years Wanda Wong - Counseling 2 years
Vacant - Admissions & Records 2 years
Vacant - Distance Learning Position
Charge: To provide college student service resources online to assist students with academic support
services, including, but not limited to, online resources for counseling, financial aid, career programs, assessment, outreach, transfer information, and student government.

Terms: Two years

PERFORMANCE GOALS COMMITTTEE   (1st & 3rd Mon / 2:30-5pm / Club Room)

o Roberta Berlani - ACE Vice President
Chris Cryer - Fine Arts (Fall 2010)
o Sandy Dinh - Resource staff / WVC Administrative Services
** Dave Fishbaugh - VP of Instruction (until Dec. 2010)
Randy Fujishin - Language Arts
Jim Henderson - Business
Diane Hurd - AAS
Janis Kea - Social Science (Fall 2010)
Steve Juarez - Social Science (Spring 2011)
Carol Pavan - Student Services
Celine Pinet - Interim VP of Instruction (Jan.-July 2011)
Fred Prochaska - Dean, Career Ed / Workforce & Dev.
o Michael Renzi - VP, WVC Administrative Services
Brad Weisberg - Fine Arts (Spring 2011)
Rebecca Wong - Science & Math
Joan Worley - PE
Charge: The Performance Goals Committee determines the annual WSCH / FTE goals and planning for each of the departments' instructional programs as will as the workload goals for other service areas.

PROGRAM REVIEW COMMITTEE (Meets as Needed, Thursday's 11-12:30pm)

Chair - John Hannigan
Stephanie Kashima - Administration Rep.
Heidi Davis - Faculty Rep.
Jim Henderson - Faculty Rep.
Inge Bond - Research Analyst
Paula Flynn - Classified Rep.
LeAnn McGinley - Student Services Rep.
Charge: The purpose of the Program Review Team is to provide questionnaires to the instructional and non-instructional departments at West Valley College for the purpose of evaluating each program. The team coordinates with IS and the Data Analyst, the Curriculum Committee Chair, the SLO Coordinator, and the Vice President of Administrative Services to provide data and facilitate analysis and program review. The process allows each department or program to annually assess their accomplishments, goals, and budgetary needs. The questionnaires and analyses are then posted on the WVC website for reference and consultation, as well as for inclusion in our planning and resource allocation processes.

POWWOW EVENT COMMITTEE (Th. / 3:45-4:45 p.m. / Social Sciences 50)

** Jose Bautista - Faculty / Social Science
Rebecca Cisneros - Faculty / English
Lenore Harris - Faculty / English
Steve Juarez - Faculty / Social Science
** Michelle Reed - Faculty /
Chris Rolen - Chief of Campus Police
Gene Newman, Shawnee - Community Rep.
Leslie Saito - Faculty / English
Vacant - ASO Rep.
Charge: To organize and plan annual PowWow Event


Roberta Berlani - Science and Math
** Maritza Cantarero - Financial Aid
Marta Franklin - Classified Staff
Suzanne Overstreet - Language Arts
Betty Weiss - Science and Math
Wanda Wong - Student Services
Vacant - EOPS
Charge: To review and select student applications for scholarship awards.
Terms: Two years


Ginny Aragon - Dean, Student Support Services
** Angelica Bangle - Director of Matriculation
Inge Bond - Institution Researcher
Heidi Brueckner - Art
Alicia Cardenas - EOPS
Kelly Carey - AAS
Liz Carey - Student
Justin Carter - Student
Melissa Ceresa - Career Ed. & Workforce Development
Fred Chow - Dean, Information & technology
William Clay - Fine Arts
Judy Colson - DESP
Gretchen Ehlers - Math
Maryam Fard - EOPS
Cheryl Hackworth - Biology
Alicia Hernandez - EOPS
Helen Khalouyan - Faculty
Quyen Lenshoek - HR
Julie Maia - Language Arts
Ann Malmuth-Onn - Student Services
Cynthia Reiss - Fine Arts
Melissa Salcido - Counseling
Irene Serna - EOPS
New VP, Instruction -
Charge: To keep the conversation about student equity and success front and center within the institution; to guide the institution in its efforts to eliminate the racial disparity that exists in student success; and to provide focus, direction, momentum, and clarity to these efforts. Written update provided to President twice a semester: mid-term and end of term.


Maryam Fard - Staff, Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS)
Maritza Cantarero - Financial Aid
Juanita Castillo - RN, Community Member, WVC Alumnus
Rosalyn Chan - RN, MS - Coordinator, Mission College Health Services
Melinda Chu-Yang - MPH, CHES - Community Member, SJSU
Meredith Dillon - Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine
Jean Finch - LMFT - Counselor, Disabilities and Educational Support Program
Chris Carlisle - Counselor, CUHSD
Kris Gaiero - Faculty, Health Care Technologies
Elise Johnson - Coordinator, Educational Transition (ET)
Patricia Louderback - Faculty, Health Education
George Mageles - Resource Coordinator, Health Services
** Becky Perelli - Coordinator, Health Services
Chris Rolen - Acting Chief WVMCC District Police
Christine Peters Stanton- Faculty, Biology
Jim Potterton - Psychology Faculty, SJSU
Public Health
Barbara Upton - Faculty, Philosophy
Joan Worley - Division Chair, PE
Danny Hsu - Student Representative / Trustee
Charge: To make suggestions and recommendations to the Coordinator of Health Services regarding the priorities, development, and review of services and programs.
Terms: Two years - May serve successive appointments

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES COMMITTEE (2nd Th / 2:45-4pm / Bus. Div. Conf. Rm.)

Wendy Bowers-Gachesa - PE
** Heidi Diamond - Faculty Accreditation Liaison
Leticia Hernandez - Student Services
Peggy Mathieson - AAS, Senate
LeAnn McGinley - Assessment Coordinator
Chris Wright - AAS
Vacant - Fine Arts
Vacant - Language Arts
Vacant - Library
Vacant - Science & Math
Vacant - Social Science
Charge: To move West Valley College forward towards achieving and maintaining SLO proficiency in accordance with the ACCJC Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness - Part III: Student Learning Outcomes
Terms: 2 years

STUDENT SERVICES COUNCIL (1st & 3rd Tues / 12:30-2:00 pm / Club Room)

Ginny Aragon - Dean of Student Support
Angelica Bangle - Director of Matriculation
Inge Bond - Research Analyst
Maritza Cantarero - Financial Aid
Michelle Donohue - Director, Student Activities
Jean Finch - College Council rep
Maria Garcia-Scheper - Counselor / Academic Senate rep
Jeff Griffin - Coordinator, Tutorial Services, Defunded
Steve Higginbotham - Bookstore Representative
** Victoria Hindes - VP, Student Services
Elise Johnson - ET
Maria Lopez - Classified Senate Representative
Joe McDevitt - Recruitment Specialist
LeAnn McGinley - Assessment Coordinator
Cheryl Miller - DESP
Maryanne Mills - Library / Academic Senate rep
Marta Mora-Evans - Career Programs
Sara Patterson - Counselor, Chair
Carol Pavan - Student Services Division Chair
Becky Perelli - Student Health Services
Irene Serna - EOPS
Lance Shoemaker - WVCAS President
Carolyn Messina - ASO
Vacant - A&R Director
Vacant - Counseling Office Supv., Defunded
Charge: A policy recommending group to the College Council.

TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMITTEE   (2nd & 4th Tues / LocationTBA / 3:30pm)

Anna Brichko - Language Arts (beginning Spring 2011)
Michael Byers - Student Services Sandra Carter - Sr. Admin. Asst. / IT&S
** Fred Chow - Dean, Information Technology & Services
Katie Cone - ASO Rep.
Max Crumley - Social Science Rep.
Pat Fenton - Business
Jeff Forehan - Fine Arts
Max Gault - Instructional Technology
Lisa Kaaz - Distance Learning
Jane Lily - Applied Art & Science
Julie Lowry - PE
Bill Proudfoot - Library Services
Amy Vu - Science & Math
Charge: To provide recommendations to the college regarding the development and use of instructional and information technology at West Valley College.
Terms: One year - May serve successive appointments.

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