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Be alert. Be calm. Be informed. Stay safe.
What to do in case of an on-campus emergency-
a fire, an earthquake or an act of violence.

WVM-ALERT Know What To Do: Be prepared. Take some time and reacquaint yourself with the emergency procedures already in place on Campus and in your classrooms. There are colored emergency guides in all classrooms and public areas. The same information is available on the District's emergency website at On the right side of that homepage there is a column of links advising what to do in case of shootings or armed intruder as well as other emergencies including earthquakes, evacuations, fires, severe storms and utility failures.
WVM-ALERT Be part of the solution: Take a first aid and CPR class offered on both campuses. Sign up for the next Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-CERT) training. It is free.
WVM-ALERT Be aware: Do not be fearful. Look around you when you enter a building and ask yourself what you would do if the earth started violently shaking or you heard the popping sounds that could be gunshots. Becoming involved enough to urge that a fellow student or school employee who appears to be 'out of sorts,' unusually stressed or behaving oddly, seek the professional (and free) services available on campus. Don't hesitate to call the authorities (911 or 408.299.2311) when the situation just doesn't look right.
WVM-ALERT Stay away: Unless you have clear reason to be involved or can contribute to the positive outcome of the incident, stay away from the “scene.” Take immediate actions to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you and let the trained professionals deal with the incident.
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