Faculty Library Resources

Research Instruction Sessions

Library Orientation video

A research instruction session can provide specialized instruction to help your students:

  • Reduce library anxiety
  • Understand the research process
  • Locate books, articles and reputable web sites
  • Recognize scholarly vs. popular articles
  • Find statistics and government documents
  • Prepare for future research needs

Explore the Research Instruction online booking for available dates to schedule your next orientation. All blue orientation slots are open orientations. All red slots are booked orientations. A confirmation email will be sent shortly.

Need help? Watch a short video about how to book a library orientation.

Book Cart Classroom Visit

A Books á la Carte Class visit session can provide research specific to your classroom to help your students:

  • Reduce library anxiety.
  • Ask a librarian quick reference questions outside of the library.
  • Select handouts created by librarians on citing and evaluating various source types.

To maximize the effectiveness of your research instruction session please prepare for the following:

  • Sessions must be requested at least 1 week in advance.
  • Assignments must be sent to Maryanne.Mills@westvalley.edu at least 3 days in advance.
  • Instructors must attend the book cart session with the class.
  • Remind students they will need their WVC Student ID or any form of government issued picture ID. Knowing Student ID without picture ID will not be permitted to checkout books.
  • Read the West Valley College Library Policies.
  • Consider ways to encourage your students to check out materials from the book cart.

The book cart visit is weather permitting. If rain or a chance of rain is in the forecast, Maryanne Mills will contact you the day prior to reschedule.

Explore the Books a la Carte classroom online booking for available dates to schedule your next orientation. All blue orientation slots are open orientations. All red slots are booked orientations. A confirmation email will be sent shortly.

Librarian Liaisons

  • Get Flex Credit for Consulting with a Librarian to learn how to incorporate library resources into your classroom to help students succeed.
  • Contact your library liaison to set up an appointment to learn about library resources available to you and your students.
Discipline/Subject Area Librarian Liason
Accounting Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Administration of Justice Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Anthropology/Archaeology Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Architecture Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Art (Fine Arts) Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Astronomy Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Biology Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Business Administration & Real Estate Maryanne Mills: 741-4661
Chemistry Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Child Studies Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Communication Studies Maryanne Mills: 741-4661 / Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Computer Information Systems Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Counseling Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Court Reporting and Related Technologies Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Digital Media Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Disability and Educational Support Program Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Economics Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Engineering Maryanne Mills: 741-4661
English Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
English as a Second Language Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Fashion Design and Apparel Technology Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Geography Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Geology Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Health Care Technologies Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Health Education Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
History – Latin American & Canada Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479)
History – US History Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
History – World History Maryanne Mills: 741-4661
Humanities Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Interior Design Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Kinesiology/Kinesiology Theory Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Mathematics Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Music Yanghee Kim: 741-2484
Nutrition Studies Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Oceanography Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Paralegal Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Park Management Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479
Philosophy Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Physical Science Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Physics Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Political Science Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Psychology Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Reading Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Social Justice Studies Jasmine Colón: 741-4682 / Maryanne Mills: 741-4661
Social Science Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Sociology Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
Theater Arts Betsy Sandford: 741-2478
Women and Gender Studies Jasmine Colón: 741-4682
World Languages Rachel Sandoval: 741-2479

Course Reserves

The objective of the Library Reserve collection is to support the curriculum and contribute to student success by making course materials available (on a limited basis) to students.

The reserve collection of print materials is located at the Book Checkout Desk and that of non-print materials is located at the Print/Copy Desk.

General Guidelines

  • Instructors are encouraged to donate or loan course textbooks to augment the limited selection purchased through the Reserve Book Program. Please contact Library staff to see if a specific course textbook is included in the Program.
  • To place an item on reserve, please fill out the Course Reserve form.
  • For those materials not owned by the Library, it is the instructor's responsibility to provide all material to be placed on reserve.
  • All reprinted articles and audiovisual materials must comply with current copyright laws and include a full bibliographic citation as to the source.
  • The Library reserves the right to limit the number of copies being placed on reserve for a given class.
  • If only one copy of an item is being submitted, only one loan period may be designated.
  • Materials borrowed from other libraries, including Mission College, may not be placed on reserve.
  • Materials for reserve will be processed in the order received. Please allow three days processing time before materials are available to students.
  • The Library is not responsible for replacement of damaged or lost personal copies.
  • The Library reserves the right to remove materials that have little or no activity.
  • All withdrawn instructor-owned materials must be picked up at the Book Checkout or Print/Copy Desk.
  • Current Library circulation fines and fees apply to all reserve materials.
  • Please call us if you have any questions: 408-741-2028.

Loan Periods

  • 1 hour (reserve item to be used within library)
  • 2 hour (reserve item to be used within library)
  • 1 day
  • 2 day
  • 7 day
last published: 11/6/17