Finding Classic Papers in Genetics


Finding these resources on-line requires careful choice of key words and some experimenting. These papers are used in many courses around the world and just searching for the title often finds long pages of course syllabi and footnotes in other papers. Try these hints:

Gregor Mendel, Experiments in Plant-Hybridization, 1865.

Available online. Search Google using the search:
mendel  "plant hybridization" paper
Putting plant hybridization in quotes causes Google to treat it as a phrase, putting mendel first gives it more importance in the search, and a paper is what you are looking for--or maybe a text.

G. H. Hardy, Mendelian Proportions in a Mixed Population, 1908.

Search Google using the search:
hardy  "mendelian proportions"
Put hardy first as it is most important, use quotes around the phrase from the title mendelian proportions, and this time that is enough.

T. H. Morgan, Sex Limited Inheritance in Drosophila, 1910.

Search Google using the search:
morgan "limited inheritance" text
Put morgan first as it is most important, use quotes around the phrase from the title limited inheritance, and this time text works.

Not everything is available on-line for free. For these last two you may have to physically search through some books in the Library.

W. Weinberg, On the Demonstration of Heredity in Man, 1908.
James V. Neel, The Inheritance of Sickle-Cell Anemia, 1949.

Use the Library's catalog and try a keyword search. What you are looking for is a collection of papers on the general topic of genetics or heredity.

Search the Catalog.Try searches combining the terms you would expect to find in the titles of those books, such as:

genetics and papers
genetics and readings
heredity and papers
heredity and readings.

Be sure to use and between words. Unlike Google, the catalog assumes two words together mean you want a phrase search--it works like using quotes in Google. Putting the and in forces the catalog to search for the words separately.

Find the call numbers for some likely books, go to the shelves and look at some of them and those in the neighborhood for your paper.

last published: 9/24/18