International Students: Fees and Expenses

Educational Cost

  • Tuition fee is $258 per semester unit - Subject to Change.
  • Enrollment is $46 per unit. - Subject to Change

For tuition refund schedule see the current schedule of classes.

  • No financial aid is available for international students in the U.S.
  • Full payment expected at time of registration - no partial payments allowed.
  • Approximately $150 in other student fees will apply at registration per semester - ALL fees and tuition are subject to change.
  • Estimated Health Insurance $1100 per year through a private provider of your choice


Housing and cost of living are estimated into your cost of education per DHS requirements. Each student is responsible for arranging their own housing. West Valley College does not have any housing or dormitories for students.

Total Expenses

The following provides a typical break down of expenses for one academic school year. Some of the amounts that are listed below are estimates. If a continuing student attends summer session or remains in the area during the summer break, additional money will be required. San Francisco Bay Area cost of living is very high.

Estimated Expenses for One Academic Year

Fall and Spring Semester (9 months) - 2 Semesters Required (subject to change)

Enrollment Fees (based on 24.0 units per year) $1,104.00
Tuition (based on 24.0 units per year) $6192.00
Room, Board and Supplies (for 9 months) $13,024.00

Health Insurance (9 months)

Health, WebReg, Campus Ctr, ASB fees (apprx)

TOTAL $21,500.00
last published: 3/21/18