Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.


Day: Every Monday
Time: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Location: Fox Building Room 105

General Functions

  • Approve or disapprove additions, modifications, or deletions to the curriculum.
  • Serve as the college advisory committee on curriculum.
  • Serve as the college committee implementing Title 5 regulations related to curriculum.

Specific Functions

  • Make recommendations by approving or disapproving:
    • New Course Proposals
    • New Program Proposals
    • Course Revisions
    • Program Revisions
    • Course Deactivations
    • Program Deactivations
  • Approve or disapprove fee-supported courses and non-credit courses.
  • Evaluate and recommend General Education and graduation requirements for the Associate Degree.
  • Evaluate and recommend the General Education pattern for transfer to the California State University.
  • Approve or disapprove courses for Baccalaureate credit at CSU.


Members Extension Division
Cheryl Miller x2620 Chair, Student Services
Roberta Berlani x2115 Science and Math
Paulette Boudreaux x2430 Language Arts
Heidi Davis x2522 Health and Human Development
Joe Hasty x2521 Social Sciences
Leslie Hotta x4603 Professional Studies
Betsy Sandford x2478 Library
Vacant   School of Art and Design
Doonu Barife (ex-officio) x2462 Office of Instruction
Chris Dyer (ex-officio) x4675 Interim Dean of Instruction
Luis Portillo (ex-officio) x3063 Office of Instruction
Matais Pouncil (ex-officio) x2136 Interim Vice President of Instruction
Tu-Lan Trinh (ex-officio) x2537 Admissions and Records

Board Policy and Procedures

Title 5 Regulations

last published: 7/30/18