Curriculum Committee






Cheryl Miller Chair, Student Services Rep 2017-2018
Leslie Hotta Professional Studies Rep 2017-2018
 Paulette Boudreaux  Language Arts Rep  2017-2018
 Heidi Davis  Health and Human Development Rep  2017-2018
 Joe Hasty  Social Sciences Rep  2017-2018
 Vacant  Science/Math  2017-2018
 Vacant  School of Art and Design  2017-2018
 Betsy Sandford  Library 2017-2018 
 Freba Cognetta (ex-officio)  Articulation Officer  2017-2018
 Lisa Kaaz (ex-officio)  Distance Education  2017-2018
 Stephanie Kashima (ex-officio) Dean of Instruction  2017-2018
 Doonu Barife (ex-offico)  Office of Instruction  2017-2018
Luis Portillo (ex-officio) Office of Instruction 2017-2018
Matais Pouncil (ex-officio) Interim Vice President of Instruction 2017-2018
Tu-Lan Trinh (ex-officio) Admissions and Records 2017-2018



last published: 3/21/18